Our Mission
To grant “reasonable” wishes to adults; 18 and above with life-threatening illnesses; while supporting surviving family members. To enrich their lives with respect, love, and hope.
Our Vision
To ensure Communities nationwide are educated concerning our adults that is being diagnosed with a terminal illness. During their difficult days we will ensure that they given a dose of support toppled with respect, compassion and kindness
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The Most Worshipful Smooth Ashlar Grand Lodge


At some point in our way of life; some of us will have a rare chance to embrace an opportunity of a life time. At that point and time we often second guess ourselves as to the passion that is placed upon us. Our destiny and way of life become altered and kneads at us to open our hearts and eyes. This new feeling and vision grows day by day to encourage us to make a difference. My way of life and living has been forever shaped by events that have come about. My choices are clear and now I am on a mission to make a difference. My mission came to me in 2004. I lost my Mother to Cancer that year, and four years earlier, I lost my only Maternal Aunt. I was driven by emotions not for the ones I lost but for the ones that were to come after the loved ones I lost.

Adult Wish Foundation (AWF) was initially founded to lend a giving hand to lower income African Americans, our services are available to everyone who meet our qualifications and guidelines. I wanted to provide an avenue for a community of adults that have been forgotten to receive a “reasonable” wish during an arduous time of their life. African Americans have been for several years, disproportionately engross with terminal illnesses from Cancer to AIDS/HIV which is consistently on the rise. AIDS is now impacting our Communities and Communities Nationwide. African American Women diagnoses are persistently growing. Adult Wish Foundation (AWF) is without prejudice and our doors are unquestionably open to all races without regard to gender, ethnicity, or religious preference.

By providing your support; you’re teaming with us in our efforts to educate communities nationwide that adults deserve our compassion and goodwill. You may make your donation in any amount.

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